Derek Kravitsky

Derek Kravitsky

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Derek’s CrossFit journey began in 2015 on a work assignment; he had no intention of actually joining the gym. Thanks to a lot of coaxing and persuading by Coach Elyse, Derek tried out a free class and fell in love with the sport. Coach Elyse still questions whether the peer pressure was worth it. Derek is full-time producer across the street from the gym at Hawaii News Now, so when you see the anchors make a mistake you can blame it on him.

At CrossFit 808, Derek began with the daily noon classes and eventually improved enough to join the Competition group, where he continues to learn and grow. His current goal is to compete at the Regional level but he’s also happy just to break a sweat and endure some pain with friends.

If something breaks or goes wrong in the gym, Derek’s fingerprints are probably all over so just yell “Goddammit Derek” and you should be in the clear.

Derek’s favorite quote:
“Get your hands off your knees. Work hard now, because in 20 minutes you’re gonna be lying on the couch sipping lemonade.”
-Justin Hotchkiss (Derek’s older brother)